Poster presentation at NEUTRINO2016

Tianmeng Lou presented a poster titled “Development and Performance Evaluation of Large-Aperture Hybrid Photo-Detector for Hyper-Kamiokande” at NEUTRINO conference held in London.

The international NEUTRINO conference, held biannually, is the largest scientific meeting in the field of neutrino physics. A record of 700 scientists from all over the world participated in this year’s conference.

New neutrino detector was installed

A new neutrino detector, named “INGRID water module,” was installed in the T2K near detector hall. The detector was developed and constructed mainly by T.Koga and graduate students in our group. Commissioning work will continue to get ready for the next neutrino beam expected in the fall.


Poster presentation at an international workshop

Mr. Ose and other students presented a poster titled “Feasibility study of Axion and WIMP search experiment with SOI pixel detector” at “Revealing the history of the universe with underground particle and nuclear research” held on May 11-13 at Koshiba hall, the University of Tokyo.